Tyrogue Evolution Guide in Pokémon Go

Tyrogue Evolution Guide in Pokémon Go

Tyrogue is a new Pokémon introduced in the game during the latest Johto update. This Pokémon is a fighting Pokémon type and can be obtained from either catching a Tyrogue type during the game play or hatching a 5 KM egg. However, the latter only applies if the egg was obtained after the release of the Gen 2 update. Reading the following Tyrogue evolution guide will help evolve this Pokémon into your preferred type.

This Pokémon is special and similar to Eevee in terms of evolution. Just like Eevee, Tyrogue can evolve in three ways. Old accustomed Pokémon Go users are already familiar with Tyrogue two evolutions, Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan, both fighting types. The third Pokémon evolution on the list is Hitmontop. Note Tyrogue will evolve into any of the three evolution depending on which stat is highest. The following is an evolution guide on each one of the Pokémon.Tyrogue Evolution Guide

How to evolve Tyrogue into Hitmontop, Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan

As stated above, the evolution of Tyrogue into one of the Pokémon is based on their stats.

  • If Tyrogue’s Attack is higher than other stats, it evolves into Hitmonlee
  • If Tyrogue’s Defense is higher than other stats, it evolves into Hitmonchan
  • If Tyrogue’s Stamina / HP is higher than other stats, it evolves into Hitmontop

However, there are exceptional cases, for instances if all the stats are equal or two stats tie at the top position. Whenever either of these situations occurs then sadly, the evolution of Tyrogue to one of the Pokémon is random. Therefore, if you want to get a specific Pokémon evolution, first find out its start before evolving it.

How to Find out Tyrogue’s Stats

There are two possible ways of finding out a Tyrogue’s stats. First by using the in-game Appraisal tool. To access this tool, pick on the Tyrogue, go to the bottom right corner and select the menu icon. Here the Pokémon’s team leader will let you know about its battle potential and its most striking stat out of Defense, Attack and Stamina.

The second method of finding out about the stats is by using an IV calculator. Since this method gives precise stats, it is the most advisable one to use, once you have fully understood it.

Tyrogue evolution should be quite simple if you follow the above guide to the latter. Improve on the experience of your Pokémon Go game by evolving your Tyrogue to the Pokémon of your choice.


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