Three Best Pokémon Gba Rom Hacks You Should Be Using

Three Best Pokémon Gba Rom Hacks You Should Be Using

Pokémon games have been in existence for more than twenty years now. With each passing year, the game developers have been able to create and publish dozens of fun packed games. However, despite the tenacity built into this franchise, the public not only wants more fun but also improved playing experiences. As a result, there has been a spawn of countless gamers and developers who have arisen to the occasion and helped create some far superior games.Pokémon Gba Rom Hacks

Though far from the original content, this Pokémon rom hacks have offered the best and easiest alternatives to the original content. The following article will highlight five of the best Pokémon gba rom hacks you should consider playing. The list is far from comprehensive, therefore feel free to do your research and explore other rom hacks.

Pokémon Light Platinum

Not necessarily the first one on the list, Pokémon Light Platinum is a rom you should definitely try out. This rom has two new region you can explore and you can face Ash. Totally a beast game you should try out.

Pokémon Glazed

Pokémon Glazed, undeniably one of the best gba rom around. For a starter you can easily be confused to thinking this is an original Pokémon game. Its plot is awesome the setting top notch and an excellent pace for the game. This rom comes with a new region and you can catch most legendary Pokémon found in region one to six.

Pokémon Liquid Crystal

This gba rom hack follows the plot of Pokémon Crystal with a built-in night and day system that uses the real time in your computer or smartphone. This hack promises fun. Its fluid and gives you an open world feel that no other Pokémon game brings.

With the above Pokemon gba roms hack, Pokémon game promises you nothing short of fun and adventure. However, ensure that you limit your use of the gba hacks in order to feel the real adrenaline that comes with the game’s difficulty levels.


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