Will Santa Hat Disappear From Holiday Pikachu and Raichu


Great news trainers, Pokémon Go games has a present this festive season and beyond. Confirming this news in their official Pokémon Go twitter account, Niantic labs tweeted, “Trainers, Raichu will have a festive hat if evolved from #HolidayPikachu, and both will keep the hat permanently even after Dec. 29, 2016.” With that said, it is time to hit the streets in pursuit for the Holiday Pikachu Pokémon.Santa hat holiday pikachu

Holiday Pikachu, one of the newest Pokémon introduced in the game. It wears a Santa hat and is an electric type. Its evolution is Raichu. Unlike in the Sun and Moon games where this Pokémon is attained by exposing it to a thunderstorm, you can evolve it by using 50 Pikachu candies. Before you evolve Raichu, catch Holiday Pikachu through the normal game process, that is, by either using a Razz Berry. This bonus, unlike others, works regardless of whether or not you hit the target. Throwing it a curve ball will also help in catching this Pokémon.

Once you have the holiday Pikachu with you and 50 Pikachu candy;

  • Tap on the Pokémon ball icon.
  • Select the Holiday Pikachu you want to evolve.
  • Tap on Evolve.

Note that by following the above process any Holiday Pikachu Pokémon you catch and evolve during this festive season will get to keep the Santa hat way after the festive season is over. You can also catch and save as many Pikachu and candies as you wish and evolve them after December 29th for normal hat free Raichu.

Take advantage and enjoy this limited amount of time until the 29th. During this period, the spawn rate of Holiday Pikachu will be high in many locations. Let your holiday Pikachu make your Christmas by filling your Pokédex with festive goodies.


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