Pokémon Vortex V3 Cheats

Pokémon Vortex V3 Cheats

Pokémon is one of the best and most sorted after video games to be developed so far. Through this reality-augmented game, players are able to walk around adventure and catch Pokémon. This said might sound easy, however, in reality it is not. More so when legendary Pokémon come into play. The rarity and hard nature to capture these Pokémon has created the high need of game cheats. The following guide will help address some of the common Pokémon Vortex V3 cheats and tricks that will be very handy during your game play.Pokémon Vortex V3 Cheats

How to get the legendary Pokémon

Legendary Pokémon are not only had to catch but also hard to come by. The following steps will help you get all the legendary Pokémon in your game.

  • Get six good Pokémon
  • Train them
  • Level up all the six Pokémon to level 70 and above
  • Fight all the gym leaders and get their badges
  • Defeat all the elite four
  • Go to any map and walk around and wait the legendary Pokémon to appear

Once you have followed the above trick, use the following cheats in order to achieve the following effects on your Pokémon.

  • Lugi – to catch legendary Pokémon
  • Shine – to catch shiny Pokémon
  • War – to become 1 rank in Pokémon vortex
  • Lugia – to catchlugia
  • Slugia – to catch shiny lugia
  • Alugia – to catch acitent lugia
  • Dark – to find dark type Pokémon
  • Mysetic – to catch mysetic Pokémon

With the help of the above cheats and tricks, you should easily move around your Pokémon game regardless of the difficulty level. However, It is always recommended whenever playing the game you limit your use of cheats to a countable number of times in order for you to improve the experience of the game and to avoid being banned by the game developers.


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