Pokémon Serena Episode in Summary

Pokémon Serena Episode in Summary

Pokémon Serena is a catchy and emotional episode in the game of Pokémon. The episode is interesting, and it involves Serena who is a Pokémon trainer from Kalos. Serena is a young girl who also doubles up as Ash’s traveling partner. Her ambition is to be crowned the Kalos Queen, which is the highest valuable position for a Pokémon player as a trainer.Pokémon Serena episode summary

Summary of Pokémon Serena

This plot has many player characters such as Ash, Clemont, Bonnie and Pikachu just to mention a few. It is a romantic episode. Ash is a naïve character that enjoys the company of ladies. There are profound suggestions that he could end up dating one of the ladies but that seems not to happen because of his nature.

Serena and Ash have been good friends since their childhood. During that time, they have been through many challenges in their lives. This relationship appears to be overdue to fans. Many Pokémon fans think that it is the time that the two have something special.


Pokémon fans refer to Serena and Ash as Amourshippers.  Especially when it seemed that Ash received his first kiss from the lovely Serena. Amourshippers is derived from a French word which means love. Serena appears to care so much about Ash, but the Pokémon trainer is not aware of her intentions at all.

Ash proceeds to the next episode of Pokémon series. It is clear that the two had quite a good time whereby it seems Ash will never forget Serena. The suspense on Ash’s relationship continues. In the next episode, he is likely to meet new friends and explore more places.

Pokémon Serena is a captivating love story. The theme is brought out in a manner that it is suitable for the young generations. It is easy to understand and follow the story line without any ambiguity.


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