Trying Out Your Hand in Pokémon Planet

Trying Out Your Hand in Pokémon Planet

Pokémon Planet has fantastic features. The features in the game allow for high interaction with other players and bring about real time experience. This is another series of Pokémon games, and the plot of this series is in Viridian forest. This forest is between Viridian City and Pewter City on route number two to Kanto. This location makes it compulsory for a player who does not possess the HM cut to pass through it.pokemon planet

Features of Pokémon Planet

Pokémon Planet is peculiar because players have better access to the forest. They can go deeper into the woods. Access to the forest is restricted by HM Cut and Surf. Only players who have one of either the two can go deeper into the forest.

Another incredible feature of the Pokémon Planet is the complete multiplayer system. This means that you are not confined to your boundaries only. You can see other players in the system move and talk. In other words, this system allows interaction. The battle system is fully functional. Battle system has NPC trainers, or you may also encounter real players.

When playing Pokémon Planet, you can see other players who are online from your friend’s list. This list allows you to choose who you can ignore or play. Additionally, the Pokémon Planet has rankings. It ranks players based on the highest scores. Therefore, players who are highly ranked are visible plus their highest point of a score.

Pokémon Planet will be much better in the future because there is a schedule to update its system. This update is highly influenced by the community. It will include increasing area of coverage in the plot, spectate battles, graphics upgrade, tournaments, weather systems and day or night systems.

Pokémon Planet is an ultimate entertainer. Improving the system will be an icing on the cake, and I cannot wait to play the new system as it is worth trying out.


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