Getting the best out of Pokémon GO using NecroBot with Pokezz

Getting the best out of Pokémon GO using NecroBot with Pokezz

Catching rare and legendary Pokémon just got easier thanks to NecroBot. NecroBot is an automatic Pokémon Go bot that allows you emulate all human like gaming activities and easily get away with the cheating. This bot system comes with a huge list of features and customizable setting that will get you falling in love with it the moment you use it. The following are some of the features worth mentioning.NecroBot with Pokezz

  • PTC Login / Google
  • Get Map Objects and Inventory
  • Search for gyms/pokestops/spawns
  • Farm pokestops
  • Farm all Pokemon in neighbourhood
  • Throw Berries/use best pokeball
  • Transfers duplicate pokemons
  • Evolve all pokemons
  • Throws away unneeded items
  • Humanlike Walking
  • Configurable Custom Pathing
  • Softban bypass
  • AutoUpdate / VersionCheck
  • Multilanguage Support
  • Use lucky egg while evolve
  • Egg Hatching Automatically
  • Multi bot support
  • Snipe pokemon
  • Power-Up pokemon

How to install and run NecroBot

  1. Download the latest release (v0.8.7)
  2. Unzip the downloaded files, run the program (NecroBot.exe).
  3. A console window will appear and then soon close. This is generating the config/auth JSON files.
  4. Navigate to the Config/auth.json file.
  5. Change AuthType to google or ptc based on your login type of choice.
  6. Enter your username and password with quotes around them. For example;

For Google



“AuthType”: “google”,

“GoogleUsername”: “”,

“GooglePassword”: “yourgooglepassword”,

“GoogleRefreshToken”: null,

“PtcUsername”: null,

“PtcPassword”: null





“AuthType”: “ptc”,

“GoogleUsername”: null,

“GooglePassword”: null,

“GoogleRefreshToken”: null,

“PtcUsername”: “yourptcusername”,

“PtcPassword”: “yourptcpassword”


  1. Save the auth.json file.
  2. Edit Config/config.json with your desired settings.
    • The defaults settings are generic so you will have to modify these to match what you desire from NecroBot.

3. Insert your latitude and longitude values in the DefaultLatitude and DefaultLongitudevariables.

4. Save the config.json file.

5. Run NecroBot again.

    • If you are using a Google account to login which is setup with 2-factor authentication, NecroBot will open a Google page in your default browser and request for your 2-factor token.

6. Enjoy!

Changing the Location of the Bot

  1. If your Bot is running, close it.
  2. Change the value of DefaultLatitude and DefaultLongitude in your Config/config.json file.
  3. Run the bot.

Once you are through, enjoy catching all the rare legendary Pokémon.


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