PGBot Latest Version – Mod and Hack Pokemon Go the Safe Way

PGBot Latest Version – Mod and Hack Pokemon Go the Safe Way

Niantic makes it harder to use previous Pokemon Go hacks and cheats with each game update. Good news is the folks over at PGBot are always ready to up the ante and keep what is arguably one of the best Pokemon Go bots up and running.

If you have never used PGBot before, it is a cross-platform bot that is available on Windows, MAC and Linux and will deploy bots to both Android and iOS platforms.

The PGBot automates all the features on Pokemon Go. You can walk, catch Pokemon and hatch eggs without even touching your phone. The desire to use human like walking algorithms ensures that Niantic is always a step behind in bursting your cheats.

Combine this with the multiple bot tap feature and you get a platform that can bot multiple Pokemon Go accounts and keep the games running for you.

PGBot for iOS Android Linux Mac Windows

Downloading and Installing PGBot for Pokemon Go

You can find the latest version of the bot here. Once downloaded, run the PGBot application on your device and begin using modes and sniping in your Pokemon Go game. You can check out the tutorial below on how to use the bot maker.


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