Pokémon GO 2ND Generation Update with Ditto Info


In a game like Pokémon GO, updates on its code are important. Niantic have been right on the money when it comes to implementing such updates especially in the Pokémon GO 2ND generation. The update comes with a new daily bonus feature.

For the first catch of the day, you will get XP and Stardust as the bonus reward. The first Photo Disc spin of the day will give you extra items and XP. Be sure to complete the above actions daily for one week to earn a bigger bonus.

For players who like frequenting PokéStops, Niantic’s current update have you covered. You are bound to fine more Pokémon as well as other items. That is, Trainers will get more Great Balls or Ultra Balls if you are a level 20 and above.

The update for more Pokémon was evident right away as players shared screenshots of almost 30 Pokémon spawned around their hunting grounds. Another update on the upcoming Pokémon GO 2ND generation regards data mines that received some improvement.

Max CP for Different Pokémon in the Pokémon GO 2ND Generation Update

The following list shows the different Max CPs for some of the Pokémon in this Pokémon GO 2ND generation update. It is worth noting that there are no outrageous high CPs though.

  • Ampharos – 2678
  • Crobat – 2301
  • Feraligator – 2659
  • Typhlosion – 2579
  • Meganium – 2479
  • Tyranitar – 3596
  • Lugia – 3596
  • Ho-oh – 4174
  • Celibi – 3278
  • Entei – 3218
  • Raikou – 2930
  • Suicune – 2920
  • Blissey – 1185
  • Porygon2 – 2653
  • Octillery – 2536
  • Donphan – 2429
  • Ursaring – 2644
  • Umbreon – 2269
  • Espeon – 2230
  • Shuckle – 393
  • Smeargle – 481
  • Tyrogue – 541

As the baby Pokémon lag behind based on their maximum CP, Tyranitar, Lugia, and Ho-oh clearly lead the pack.

In this new update, the code has a small sneak peek into Ditto. As such, it is only a matter of time before Pokémon GO players start seeing Ditto and catching it as well.


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