Pokémon Charcoal ROM Hack

Pokémon Charcoal ROM Hack

Pokemon Charcoal ROM hack is an incredible Pokemon FireRed hack from Charcoal Studios. Originally, the hack was a Game Boy Advanced (GBA) system creation. However, this has changed since. Thankfully to the traction the hack has achieved over the years, the Pokémon Charcoal ROM developers have taken this game over to different platforms. It is now possible to play this game on your PC.

Pokémon Charcoal ROM HackThe Pokémon Charcoal ROM hack is no different from its original FireRed creation. If you are a Pokemon die hard hell bent in pursuing your dreams, rest assured you perfectly can. With the Charcoal ROM hack you still are able to pack your gears and go out on your Pokemon hunt. For all its worth, you will be able to fight for your pride in the amazing Pokemon championship title. In as much as it is a hack, you should be able to put your best foot forward. Avoid belittling your opponents and most importantly think over your strategies before undertaking a battle since your opponents are equally as good as you are.

Features of the Pokémon Charcoal ROM Hack

Normally, a ROM hack is always a modification of an old game version. Some hacks can lead to more challenging versions of a game than its original. Some of the notable features of this hack will include:

  • New graphics, sprites and music
  • Guides on how to play this game on some different devices and operating systems have been provided by the developers.

The following are additional features you will expect in the game

  • All Normal Pokemon Trade Evolutions will Evolve at Level 45.
  • All Item-Held Pokemon Trade Evolutions will Evolve at Level 50.
  • Use a Sol Stone (Sun Stone) on an Eevee to Get an Espeon.
  • Use a Luna Stone (Moon Stone) on an Eevee to get a Umbreon.
  • You can Buy CoalOre Balls (Master Balls) and Kabang Candies (Rare Candies).
  • The Rival is Female, and to fit with the story Line; it’s best to name her “HITOMI”
  • The Rival is now the Daughter of the Local Expert “DR. HARV”; Her sprite is that of the Female
  • Harv uses the “Gentleman Sprite”.
  • The Starters are: Absol, Mewtwo, and Lairon all of them Start at Level 16.
  • All Absol’s are now 100% Female.
  • Your Starter’s Held-Item is a Nugget.
  • Your Rival’s Pokémon (No Matter Your Choice) is: Kirlia which starts at Level 18.
  • All of the Original Starters from Kanto to Hoenn can be caught in Pallet Town, (Min Level 10)


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