PokeHuntr – All You Need To Know About It

PokeHuntr – All You Need To Know About It

To start with, it is worth noting that PokeHuntr is the best Pokémon tracker for 2017 yet.

It is also important to note the reasons why you may have to use a tracker while playing the game of Pokémon. Such reasons include:

  • Easily find and catch rare Pokémon
  • Quickly level up in the game
  • If the default Pokémon GO tracker has malfunctioned

That last point forms a good basis for introducing PokeHuntr. Having played or if you are new to Pokémon GO, you will easily note how updating the game could lead to some features failing. Case in point is the recent update that left many players in the dark regarding the Sightings feature going blank, which is important in tracking nearby Pokémon.pokehuntr tracker

In such cases, using PokeHuntr will come in handy. Using this tracker is fairly easy and it can let you scan a specific area on the world map in the search for Pokémon. If you are scanning for Pokémon in an area that is far from your physical location, then you may need to spoof your location. However, be sure to know how to avoid bans when teleporting.

PokeHuntr Scanning Results

PokeHuntr oozes reliability regarding its Pokémon scanning results. As such, you will always be sure about finding the Pokémon that this tracker has shown. Besides reliable scans, here are the other advantages of PokeHuntr over the other Pokémon trackers.

  • Shows IV values of each Pokémon found
  • Uses less mobile data
  • Requires no registration or login
  • Shows scans of other players


As always, every great application has some sort of downside. In this case, this tracker’s caveat that you will have to deal with is its slow scanning speed. At the same time, the tracker limits your scans by imposing 90-second intervals between each scan.

We will keep you updated if this tracker introduces new features or improves its scanning speed. In the meantime, its reliable scans and advantages are enough reasons to use PokeHuntr as your daily Pokémon tracker.

Download PokeHuntr from its official website and try it. Let us know how effective you find it.


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