Playing the Pokémon Fusion Generation Game

Playing the Pokémon Fusion Generation Game

Think of a game that kills boredom, keeps you engaged, alert and gives you nonstop thrills. Then that must be Pokémon Fusion. Pokémon gaming has just added spice to its already incredible series.

Pokémon Fusion is superb and one of the many series of Pokémon games. Pokémon Fusion is unique because it combines various elements of other Pokémon series. It also combines RPG Maker XP and the Pokémon starter kit.Pokémon Fusion

The plot of Pokémon Fusion Generation

The game is mainly set in Kanto, and its timing seems to fall in between generation I and generation II. Most of the player characters in this game are derived from generation III of Pokémon series. Pokémon Fusion’s plot has two main player characters, Brendan and May, who arrive in Kanto to seek a new challenge. They are from Hoenn, and one of them is the champion of Hoenn. He still wants to be the champion of the new land of Kanto. The other player acts as his opponent after he had conceded defeat initially.

The two players start afresh in Pallet town, and they abandon their old Pokémon. After some time, they meet another player character called Bill. They realize that Bill has something new: Pokémon Fusion.

This game becomes interesting at this point as Bill’s invention becomes complicated and troublesome. Bill struggles with the repercussions of his invention. He has to encounter the Gym Leaders of Kanto with their Pokémon Fusions. Similarly, he has to stop others from using Pokémon for evil purposes.

The plot of Pokémon fusion is indeed so interesting, enjoyable and exciting. It brings elements of suspensions and anxiety which most games fail to incorporate. Creativity in this game is highly ranked as shown in its plot. It is a fantastic piece that can be enjoyed across the board by different age groups without losing relevancy.


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