What is New in Pokemon Go APK 0.49.1 and iOS v1.9.1


Niantic has rolled out another feature update to the quite popular Pokemon Go title. As it is with any updates, cheats and hack users are in more danger of discovery if they keep to the hold tricks while honest users will get better features, improved user interface and better functionality. The Android game goes to v0.49.1 while iOS users will upgrade to iOS v1.9.1.

pokemon go android ios update

Exchange Pokemon for Candy Faster

You can now select multiple critters of the same type by pressing and holding on the Pokemon you want to exchange trade for candies when you meet Professor Willow. You don’t have to scroll through long lists of duplicate Pokemon to get what you want.

Revamped Buddy Feature

The revamp improves the candy totals a Buddy Pokemon can collect. This is based on the distanced it travels with the Pokemon Go app open.

Better Accrued Candies Reporting

You will get reports on the number of candies you have accrued instantly on the Buddy information screen. The individual Budy Pokemon screen will show the total distance walked by the Buddy Pokemon hence giving you a better and easier way to track all your metrics.

Pokemon APK 0.49.1 and 1.19.1 for iOS Update Notes

Pokemon Go APK 0.49.1 ios update notes

The new update is rolling out in phases hence it might take some time before it is live in your regional Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Android users can, however, grab their APK from APK mirror (remember to enable install APK from other sources)


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