Latest and working Pokemon GO 1.23.1 hack without jailbreaking

Latest and working Pokemon GO 1.23.1 hack without jailbreaking

Niantic has released the latest update for its trademark game, Pokemon GO. For iOS users, the current version is 1.23.1 while Android users will access the 0.53.1 version. As always, updates come with security patches. Despite that challenge, you can still this latest Pokemon GO version.

It is worthing mentioning that you will only access the regular Pokemon GO app via Tutuapp. Users are yet to the hacked version. However, you can turn the Tutuapp alternative called Poke Go++. It will help you get Pokemon GO++ and simulate real-life walking.

Use the Cydia Impactor tool to install Poke Go++ ipa file. Thankfully, this process does not require you to jailbreak your iOS device. After completing the installation steps, you will freely use the joystick to spoof your GPS location without any problem.Pokemon GO 1.23.1 hack without jailbreaking

Get the Pokemon GO 1.23.1 hack via Poke GO++

As mentioned, Poke Go++ is the currently available option for getting the hacked Pokemon Go++ 1.23.1. The app lets you use the joystick to move around in the game without moving physically. In the process of GPS spoofing, you could get a soft ban given the fact that this latest update from Niantic has improved anti-hacking patches.

Downloading and installing Poke GO++

The following steps will help you download and install Poke Go++ hack on your iOS device.




  • Connect your iPhone/iPad to your Mac.
  • Launch Cydia Impactor.


  • Drag the Pokemon Go++ and drop it in Cydia impactor.

Note: Delete any previous Pokemon Go versions.


  • Sign in using your Apple ID.
  • Ignore the Apple Developer Warning box that will appear and Click on OK.


  • Disconnect the device from your Mac.


  • Ensure that you trust the Pokemon Go app you have just installed via Cydia impactor.
  • To do so, go to Settings > General > Profiles and scroll down and trust the Pokemon Go profile.


  • Launch the newly installed Pokemon Go. Sign in and Enjoy playing with Joystick and hacks.

This is it. Enjoy playing the hacked version of latest Pokemon GO. Have you tried the Pokemon GO 1.23.1 hack? Comment below with your answer.


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