9 Interesting Facts That You Did Not Know About Pokémon [Infographic]


Ever since its release, Pokémon games have taken the world by storm! Despite its popularity, very few people know a thing or two about Pokémon even the greatest game diehards themselves. The following are nine interesting facts about Pokémon you never knew about.

The name Pokémon isn’t Japanese after all!

As hard as this may seem to believe, nothing could be further from the truth. The name Pokémon is literally an acronym for two English words; pocket and monster. The name Pokémon was the best shot acronym after the name franchise was translated from Japanese “Poketto” and “Monsut.”

Do not collect the same Pokémon multiple times!

Similar Pokémon have similar effect on the game play. Therefore, instead of having two Pokémon of the same kind trade one for Professor Willow’s candy. This is important as it helps you build a strong a powerful team. In addition to this, you will also be able to create diversity in your gameplay.

You can improve the egg hatching time by keeping your app open even when not playing the game.

Egg hatching is one of the best ways in to have legendary Pokémon in the game. In order to hatch the eggs, the game requires a player to walk a certain distance with the egg in the incubator. Leaving your app open even when not playing the game helps the game register the distance covered and some PokéStops thereby assuming the game is in play.

Battling in gyms helps you collect lots of free items

Gyms are one of the prestigious points in Pokémon games. They not only provide players with free items but also help build experience points. This, however, is not as easier as you may think, more so during the first levels of the game. In order to per take on the free items found in enemies gym, it’s advisable to start engaging in battles upon reaching level 5.

Rock type attacks

In as much as it is impossible to have a Pokémon of more than two types, imagine having a Pokémon with a combination of 18 types. Invincible, right? I thought so too. As much as it hard to believe, this is not the case. The fact of the matter is that rock type attacks will have an effect on this impossible Pokémon type. This fact is just a confirmation of the effectiveness of the rock type attack!

“Mr.Mine” can be a girl

Yes, take it from me. If you haven’t come across the Mr.Mine Pokémon don’t be surprised when you come across a girl.  Despite the difference in gender difference between these two Pokémon the “Mr.Mine” name doesn’t change, else players would think the two are married.

You count on most Pokémon names to include numbers!

Yes, many of the Pokémon names include a number, this is a fact. For instance the original legendary trio of Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, their names include Spanish words for one, two and three respectively (uno, dos, tres). This is not all, Deino and his evolutions include the German words for one, two, and three (ein, zwei, drei) too.

Originally, Arcanine was to be a legendary Pokémon

This would have been one of the awesome ideas of the game. To prove my above statement is the fact that the game developers introduced Entei in the next generation as a cover up of their initial fault. With Acranine – a fire type, as a legendary Pokémon, a lot is left to be desired. Hope this doesn’t spoil the fun of the game.

No two spinda’s are the same

I can bet on this that most diehard Pokémon fans do not know this. Despite its interesting traits, Spinda is just one of the not so used Pokémon in the game. To ensure that at no point should we have two Spindas of the same kind, game developers have created over four billion unique pots for this Pokémon.

Pokémon games are undeniably one of the best video games to ever have been developed. The above nine interesting facts will help every Pokémon diehard fan understand how far this franchise has come and what more to expect from it.


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