How to Catch Your First Pikachu in Pokémon Go

How to Catch Your First Pikachu in Pokémon Go

Catching Pokémon isn’t really a problem to the veterans. The logic is almost the same. The fact that Pokémon Go forces you to walk around in a real world environment ups the ante, making the game more challenging and every move worthwhile. Pikachu, though not so powerful, is one of the rare Pokémon that is worth undivided attention whenever you come by it. Here is a simple trick to help you catch your first Pikachu faster without using Pokémon cheats.

how to catch your first pikachu

Catching Your First Pikachu

This is a beginner’s tips as it works the very first time you launch your Pokémon Go account. Normally you will be asked to choose between starter Pokémon:

  • Squirtle
  • Bulbasaur
  • Charmander

There is an ingenious trick to add a Pikachu to the list. The Pikachu is a great place to begin as this electric Pokemon is a bit rare to find in the game and will come in handy when fighting against water-type creatures.

To force a Pikachu capture, walk away from the three presented Pokemon when you launch the game. Keep on walking until your phone vibrates and they reappear. Keep on trying this until a Pikachu appears next to the other starter Pokémon. You might have to try this five or six times before getting your Pikachu.

You might run into other Pikachu during your travels as your progress up your career. The fact that Pikachu is very rare makes it wise to pounce on every opportunity you got to make a simple kill.

Pikachu Pokemon Go Stats

Max CP 787
Pokemon Go Pikachu CP Per Level 13
Tier List Ranking F
Base Attack 112
Base Defense 101
Base Stamina 70
Capture Rate 16%
Flee Rate 10%
Buddy Candy Distance 1 KM
Buddy Size Shoulder
Perfect Pikachu IV at Level 20 562
Global Spawn Rate 0.21%
Max HP 67



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